Hello. dear friends.
Congratulate you on the eve of first anniversary of Islamic Awakening in the world and Islamic revolution in Egypt,Tunisia and Libya.
We believe that the victory in Yemwn,Bahrain, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will happen in the near future.
and we know This new revolutions are originated from Islamic revolution in Iran.
and We know the power of Islamic revolution isn"t nuclear power.
The power of Islamic revolution in Iran is ability of Iranian people in obtain a new sciences and removing the monopoly of science and this power is originated from Islamic lifestyle and Theory of Islamic government.
Islamic revolution with this power, is now a model of resistance against oppression, and against the American lifestyle, that has engulfed the whole world.
American lifestyle is based on humanism and is Spread by the Zionists for a specific purpose in the world.
Actually, this thought, will lead the people to the Consumerism, Egocentrism, Atheism and finally Satanism.
The US knows that Islamic power is the greatest power that can challenge the American lifestyle in the future and for avoiding this challenge, is trying various methods, to overthrow IRIran"s system, as Expanding origin of Islamic lifestyle.
Islamic lifestyle is an advanced social system that is based on Laws of Islam.
In this style of life, all angles of a human individual and social life, has been considered.
For example, a Muslim will not silent against injustice in his society and for justice in society, will try.
But a person with a American lifestyle, only to think of itself and the others problem is not important to him.
A man works in Islam, is divided into five types: Haraam (Forbidden), Makrooh(detestable),Mobaah(Permissible),Mostahab(desirable),Halaal and behavior of a Muslims, according to this division will be formed.
Based on these look at life, oppression to other, is Haraam(forbidden) and oppression will lead a person to the Hell.
A Muslim, doesn"t Oppress anyone Because of his belief, and for the purpose, does not use any tools, b
ut in American lifestyle, all of works are Mobaah(Permissible) and the social laws is based on individualism and Materialism and God has no place in this laws.
You can use any device to reach your goal and all of these devices and works are Mobaah(Permissible); in other word, in the american life style "Goal, justifies its means".
Atomic bombing is Mobaah(Permissible), to kill people is Mobaah(Permissible), HIV and Syphilis virus testing in africa is Mobaah(Permissible), Illegitimate profits in the banking is Mobaah(Permissible) and anything that will provide your benefits is Mobaah(Permissible).
It is interesting that this style of life that is called "Freedom" is  lies in "Liberalism".
Liberalism, is not freedom. Liberalism is derived from the word "Liberty" means Permissiveness and no freedom. This means that "Do, whatever you want" and there is no guilty, There is no hell, There is no heaven; hell and heaven are in this world.
Dear friends.
The Zionism is the first enemy of human and humanity in the world.
Get away from them, because they are soldiers of Satan.
This topic, is the fundamental challenge between the muslims as Allah soldiers, and zionists as Satan soldiers.

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